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The unified state exam is not only the final chord of eleven years of study in a general education school. This is also the first step towards entering a university for mastering the desired profession. By its structure, the USE is a difficult test, and very few schoolchildren are able to figure it out on their own. You can always turn to one of the many training centers for help. In Samara, among such organizations is the Boston School.

general characteristics

The Samara center Boston School specializes in preparing city schoolchildren for the Unified State Exam and the OGE in a wide range of subjects. The most effective methods are used here, and the lessons taught by young and energetic students of local universities turn into an exciting process.

The office is located in the center of Samara, which allows schoolchildren from all over the city to visit it. The classrooms have been renovated, equipped with modern furniture, computers, projectors and all the necessary visual materials.

The center pays great attention to communication with the parents of their listeners. If a student does not come to class or is late, a notification is immediately sent by phone or e-mail. Once a month, the teacher provides the parents of each student with a report on the following parameters:

quality of homework;activity in the lesson and efficiency;discipline;the ability to assimilate new information;level of knowledge and performance of tests;recommendations.

You can get acquainted with how the educational process is going and get a 20% discount during a free trial lesson, which you can sign up for by filling out the form on the website and indicating your name, phone number and VKontakte link. An online cabinet is also being created for students and parents, where you can get homework.

Forms of classes

Lessons are held twice a week in full-time classrooms. One lesson lasts 90 minutes (2 academic hours), the total workload is about 150 hours in each discipline. Groups include from 2 to 8 people. This, on the one hand, allows the teacher to devote time to each student, and on the other hand, it allows interaction in the classroom process and creates a spirit of healthy competition.

The program is structured in such a way as to go from simple topics to more complex ones, reaching the maximum immediately before passing the exam. Pilot tests are conducted every two months, which allows the listener to track their dynamics, identify weaknesses and work to eliminate them. Thanks to an integrated approach to learning, graduates of the Boston School center add from 27 to 35 points to their starting result.


Classes begin in September and are designed for 9 months. The last lessons end shortly before the exam.


Lessons in the center are conducted mainly by students of Samara universities, who recently passed the exam for 95 or more points, sometimes the teachers who taught them in the courses are involved. All teachers have the skill of preparing schoolchildren for the Unified State Exam, they are familiar with all its standards and characteristics.

The absence of a large age barrier between mentors and pupils has a positive effect on the atmosphere in the group and creates an atmosphere of trust and goodwill. Teachers support listeners and share their own experiences on how to cope with the anxiety of the final test.


The Boston School Center offers training in a wide range of disciplines:

maths;Russian language;physics;chemistry;Social Studies;biology;history;literature;geography;Informatics;foreign language (English and German).

The number of subjects studied at the same time is chosen by the senior student. The schedule of classes is made taking into account the wishes of the clients

The cost

Tuition for one subject is 4,000 rubles per month (8 lessons), for two – 7,000 rubles. The full annual program will cost 36,000 rubles, usually at the beginning of the year discounts apply when registering and paying for the course before September 20. Study materials are included in the course price.

If you bring friends and sign up at the same time, you can count on a 15% discount and study at 3,400 rubles per month. There is a mechanism for freezing payments for 2 weeks (and when buying an annual subscription – for 4 weeks). You need to find out about other possible discounts and promotions by calling the manager.


The Boston School exam courses are located near the central part of Samara at the address: st. Karbysheva, 65b, 4th floor, office 406.

It can be easily reached by bus, tram or shuttle.

The working hours need to be checked with the administration, there is no information on the website.

Contact phone: +7 (846) 252-44-03. Email address: boston.smr@gmail.com. There are pages of the center in the social networks VKontakte and Instagram.

The Boston School Unified State Exam Preparation Center in Samara offers its clients a wide range of subjects for study, including geography and German, which are rarely found in courses. This, as well as the convenient location of the office, can be attributed to the advantages of the organization. As for the programs for which training is carried out, there is no specificity. Young teachers easily find contact with students, share their relatively recent experience, but there is no confidence in their level of training, as well as in the fact that they are working out in detail all the innovations in the exam.

The editors of http://www.edunews.com asks to leave feedback about the Boston School in the comments so that readers can form their own opinion about the quality of preparation for the exam in this educational organization.

Alexey Kuznetsov

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