Statement on Marijuana. The usage cannabis can adversely influence learning, impair clear reasoning and psychological alertness,

And disputes utilizing the academic objective of Roger Williams University. As a academic organization that gets federal funds, Roger Williams University must conform to federal legislation underneath the Drug- complimentary Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989 (20 U.S.C. Section 1011i). Appropriately, the utilization, possession, circulation, purchase or cultivation of cannabis stays forbidden for many learning pupils on / off campus through the RWU Student Handbook additionally the scholar Code of Conduct. Nevertheless, pupils whom have a very lawfully released medical cannabis card and employ cannabis for the function in private, off-campus residences will likely be exempt from University policy for the reason that regard.

Health Marijuana

The Rhode Island healthcare Cannabis Law and system allows Rhode Islanders who are new users to make use of marijuana that is medical treat specific conditions. Nevertheless, the control and employ of cannabis continues to be unlawful beneath the law that is federal that your university is topic, like the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act, the Controlled Substances Act, while the Campus safety Act. Consequently, the utilization, control, manufacturing, make, and circulation of marijuana – medical or elsewhere – remains forbidden while pupil is on college owned or managed home or at any function authorized or controlled by the college. Questions concerning medical cannabis should be directed to Dr. Lisa Landreman, Dean of Student lifetime, at

University Smoking Policy

Roger Williams University takes pride in supplying an environment where pupils, workers and visitors can inhale simple.

A beautiful scenic bayside campus and pleasant environment for study and work live squirting cams, the University continues to enhance a healthful environment for all in the University community in addition to outstanding academic programs. The University is focused on wellness that is providing for many pupils, faculty and staff. Whether it’s cardiovascular, psychological or breathing physical fitness, the sum total wellness of every student and worker is essential to Roger Williams University. The main increased exposure of wellness includes a clear, healthy breathing environment for several within the University community. The University adopts the following policy to ensure a healthier atmosphere for everyone on campus, and following input and recommendation from a special University committee comprised of representatives from faculty, staff and students

Policy Statement

In conformity aided by the continuing State of Rhode Island’s Smoking Law, and except as particularly given to herein, cigarette smoking of every materials is forbidden on University premises, including all residence halls, workplaces and University automobiles. Being an acceptable accommodation to people desiring to smoke cigarettes, the University has built designated, outside cigarette smoking areas due to the fact exclusive place for smoking while on University premises. These areas were designated to get rid of the likelihood that is reasonable of hand smoke migrating back to a building, since this is a necessity associated with legislation. Making use of electric cigarettes is allowed entirely within these designated areas. However, hookahs, water pipelines, bongs, and medication paraphernalia are forbidden on all campus property, along with the usage and possession of marijuana.


Relative to Rhode Island Law, smoking cigarettes is forbidden away from any doorway or area where smoke could migrate back to a building. Correctly, indications have already been put during the entry to structures informing people that cigarette smoking is prohibited within the building in addition to entryway. Smoking at and only at designated areas is permitted. All cigarette smoking product needs to be extinguished and disposed of inside the designated area at a receptacle supplied.

Compliance and information

It will be the obligation each and every person in the University community to observe and uphold this policy, informing site visitors of its presence and parameters, and except since set down immediately below, directing concerns, issues and reports of violations, into the Department of Public Safety’s Division of ecological safe practices (401-254-3189). Issues by or involving all learnin pupils (apart from pupils associated with legislation college) should really be directed towards the workplace of scholar Conduct and Conflict Resolution. Pupils that are discovered smoking cigarettes into the residence halls are susceptible to conduct action.

Incoming students and brand new workers shall be informed of this smoking cigarettes policy during orientation.

A map associated with the University, marking the designated cigarette smoking areas is going to be distributed around people who request it through the Department of Public Safety’s Division of ecological safe practices. To request a map, please phone Public protection at 401-254-3611.

Crucial Features

  1. No cigarette smoking on Campus – except in 16 designated smoking areas (inside gazebos) identified in the campus map.
  2. No smoking cigarettes in University parking lots except for great deal A (such as the parking deck) great deal 7 (Upper) and great deal H (Lower) Old Ferry path.
  3. Gazebo smoking cigarettes shelters can be obtained across campus as they are marked as smoking areas, with appropriate cigarette and seating receptacles.
  4. Elimination of smoke receptacles within the core regarding the campus.
  5. Low-cost usage of the spot through the wellness services division for pupils.
  6. Access to improved academic programs and help resources for pupils through wellness solutions.
  7. Community enforcement for the policy: Cooperation with and enforcement of this University’s Smoking Policy could be the obligation of all of the grouped community people with unique focus on individuals with direction obligation. Violations for the policy by pupils is supposed to be addressed being a breach for the learning pupil Code of Conduct and will also be documented and sanctioned accordingly.
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