After changes to the roster MIBR commentator and analyst CS: GO Alexei yXo Malecki drew attention to the composition FaZe Clan. He offered to drive out of the captain Nikola Kovac NiKo and coach team Janka YNk Paunovic. Custer opinion shared on Twitter. With MIBRami clear. That Feyziyev? Long this chaos continue? I propose to start Dialed Nico and Janko, then decide. – yXo (@ yxo7) September 14, 2020 September 2 FaZe Clan beginning of the performance at the ESL Pro League Season 12. Kovacs The team lost four games by a score 0: 2 – he lost mousesports, Astralis, Fnatic and Team Vitality. September 13 MIBR excluded TACO and fer of the basic structure and transferred to the reserve players. At the same time the club also left coach Ricardo Sinigagliya dead. Subsequently, the team left the captain Gabriel FalleN Toledo: he did not like the organization’s plans to change the roster.

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