Instead, you could have a death star cake with either blue or pink in the middle for your baby bottle reveal. The decorations for this theme can be a lot of fun, and you could even get more lightsabers to give to the guests. Share your big news in a shower of colored confetti! Try stuffing it inside a gender reveal confetti balloon. When it comes time for the big reveal, everyone can celebrate.

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  • For the baby gender reveal printables below, just check landscape orientation when you print the files and use cardstock paper for best results.
  • And they will take care of the rest and pack the right one inside a sealed bag.
  • Plan the activities you are going to have in the party.
  • If you research gender reveal dog outfits you will be given a ton of websites to find the perfect outfit.
  • Give your guests scratch cards to determine whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl.

Taking great photos or hiring a photographer to do so will honor the occasion and help you to remember the event for years to come. ” These fun rubber ducks from 9byNeetz sit on a bath-bomb that dissolves in warm water to reveal your baby’s gender. Great to do with your close family or at a small gathering. A smoke reveal is simple, fun, and makes for some amazing photos! You can purchase these smoke powder cannons online in an array of colors. Have a friend or relative fill this Gender Reveal Christmas Ornament with pink or blue glitter or confetti, and open together on Christmas morning.

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For those who want to keep the gender reveal small, using scratch-offs is a fun way to reveal the gender of a baby. The father and mother-to-be will need to dress in white for their reveal party. Guests will then be given water guns that are filled with paint and in a short period, the parents will know if they are having a boy or a girl. A piñata has always been an exciting party game because of the anticipation and excitement that comes with waiting for it to be cracked open.

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It is an exciting time filled with wonder and anticipation. My goal at Meaningful Mama is to inspire and equip parents in this important role. I hope you will visit here often as you enter into the joys of motherhood.

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Rainbow Handprints — if you have children already, this is a great way to get them involved. Paint their hands in the shades of a rainbow, then have them press their hands on your belly, creating rainbow prints on your baby bump. For example, if you have sonogram photos, it’s okay to frame them and hang them up. It’s okay to create a memory book for a baby you only got to be a parent to for days, weeks or months.

As the theme is a bonfire, you might as well use it to reveal the gender of the baby. Wrap a blue or pink baby outfit in layers and layers of gift wrap. Ask a helper to play music as guests pass the gift, stopping the music every so often. When the music stops, the person holding the package can unwrap one layer.

Modern & Magnificent Gender Reveal Cake

Multiple brands and sellers offer brightly colored powder in one-pound blackout bags (so no one can see what color is inside!). They typically come in sets of two one-pound bags per order so you can use one for each wheel. First of all, if you’re wondering whether it might be easier and/or cheaper to just get colored gender reveal tires for your burnout, the answer is definitely not.

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