BACARDÍ Superior Rum is a light and aromatically balanced rum. Subtle notes of almonds and lime are complemented by hints of vanilla. Try exclusive recipes with step-by-step video instruction from Pro instructors. Saveur Magazine’s BEST TRAVEL BLOG award winners Daryl and Mindi Hirsch share their culinary travel experiences and recipes on the 2foodtrippers website and YouTube. The married Food and Travel content creators live in Lisbon, Portugal.

Bacarda basics

I’m Veronica- and welcome to my cooking and lifestyle blog, Yes to Cooking. Having lived in US, South Korea, and Hong Kong, I love exploring different recipes and foods. Favorite things include my camera, hot coffee, and reading. Here’s a rich, creamy caramel sauce made with butter and rum that will add the perfect finishing touch to that sweet dish you’re making. The addition of Puerto Rican rum lends a smooth, mellow flavor to this caramel sauce. Be sure to take extra precaution when making this sauce, since melted sugar has a much higher temperature than boiling water.


It is a variation of the Daiquiri that involves rum, lime and grenadine in place of sugar, and though a rare sight on menus today, it was a stalwart of the 1930s bar repertoire. Its origin, however, can be traced back to a couple decades prior to Repeal Day. Plaintiff Star Industries, Inc. produces alcoholic beverages including the “Georgi” brand of vodkas. Georgi vodka is sold primarily in New York state, and is one of the top selling vodkas in the New York metropolitan area.

We’re seeing lots of growth with our smaller brands. The tastings start with social media, letting people know how they can easily access the events through Zoom. In fifteen minutes we teach people how to mix the spirit, how to enjoy it and how they can buy it now on Reserve Bar and have it shipped to you the next day. People now see a great cocktail idea online and know that they can make it tomorrow.

Bacardí Piña Colada

Experimenting with the amounts of sugar and lime juice will allow you to find your sweet spot. Bacardi Limited, the largest privately held spirits company in the world, produces and markets internationally recognized spirits and wines. The devastation of the recent natural disasters strikes particularly close to Bacardi since many impacted communities are considered home to its operations, offices, and employees. In addition to operations in Puerto Rico, BACARDÍ rum is bottled in Jacksonville, Fla., and South Florida is home to the Bacardi North America regional headquarters office. In Mexico since 1931, the company has offices and production facilities for its rum and tequila brands.

We’re driving consumers all the way through to the point of online purchase, and it’s working. There will be people who split their purchases between online and in-person after the pandemic, and there will be others who return to only buying things in-person. But we absolutely believe that there is a legitimate ecommerce trend here. Drizly has done an amazing job at capturing users. This is exactly where we need to play with our core brands.

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Puerto Rico- Clear, light and smooth with a silky finish and nutty flavors. Bacardi makes this rum using distilled sugar cane molasses. The mixture is then double-filtered through charcoal.

Bacardi markets in the fast lane of spirits brands. It has a diverse distribution network that varies country to country, making its data stream to a consumer’s final purchase complex. But that’s improving with help from solid measurement tactics and the power of its people. With respect to rum, in addition to the traditional mojito, daiquiri, and frozen drinks, the new Bacardi premium rum portfolio has aged expressions that open a new door to sipping rum on its own neat or with ice. The tour did not show nearly enough about the history or distilling process. I just felt like they were selling stuff the whole time.

Although the Daiquiri was invented in Cuba, the classic cocktail is now available around the world. We crafted and drank this one in Lisbon.Although the Daiquiri originated in Cuba, cocktail lore attributes the rum sour’s creation to Jennings Cox, an American mining executive working near Daiquiri, Cuba at the turn of the 20th century. The exact details of the drink’s origin are as cloudy as a blended cocktail but the recipe has stood the test of time.

And, with just three ingredients, it’s also one of the easiest drinks for amateur mixologists to craft at home. Leave any preconceptions about the Daiquiri behind when you follow our easy Bacardi Daiquiri recipe. This classic cocktail is a sophisticated summer sipper made with just three ingredients that you probably already have at home. When making the cocktail today, it’s best to use homemade grenadine rather than the artificial, bright red versions you’ll find in stores.

  • Pouring rum is as complicated as it gets when it comes to crafting a Bacardi Daiquiri at home.Making a Bacardi Daiquiri is as simple of squeezing, mixing, shaking and pouring.
  • There are many different Bacardi rums, but they’re all in different bottles/colors so it should be clear which one they’re pouring.
  • The classic Bacardi Daiquiri recipe is simple to follow.
  • When we do tastings we lean into the expertise of our ambassadors and brand reps. With the lockdowns, we have a captive audience, so we bring in an expert who can share something unique about the brand.
  • For 149 years, the Bacardi family and Company has built on his commitment by giving back to communities around the world through volunteerism and financial donations.
  • You are returned to your hotel at the end of the tour.

If u are ever in Puerto Rico this is a must see. Just amazing the history seeing some of the first bottles was great. Also buying special rum not sold any where else except at that place was great. I learned a lot about rum and appreciate rum very much more than I did before. Very pricey gift shop but still had a great time. History of the Bacardi family and the basics of making rum was covered in the short tour.

I wait for the open air trolley/shuttle ride of less than one quarter mile to the museum/gift shop. Here our tour guide presents historical information, explains the distillery process and various company locations thru the ages, shows a 9-minute movie then exits the scene at the gift shop. At the gift shop, there are numerous Bacardi rums for purchase and shipping, and all kinds of other Bacardi paraphernalia for sale. After I exit here, I walk back (no trolley/shuttle provided) to the taxi stand. Stay back at your hotel or hostel where there is free WiFi and pour yourself a rum and coke while you study about Bacardi on Wikipedia and watch the YouTube videos. Only Bacardi rum should be used to make this drink.

Bacardi Coquito Coconut Cream

In other words, we eat and drink everything at every price point. Add rum and ice cubes.Shake vigorously until liquids are chilled and mixed.Strain into a coupe glass.Add a lime wheel as garnish. The Daiquiri is one of Cuba’s three signature cocktails along with the Mojito and Cuba Libre. All three of these Cuban cocktails feature white rum.

Soon after, the Bacardi Cocktail appeared in the 1914 edition of “Drinks,” specifying Bacardi rum as the base spirit. It continued to be included in other influential works throughout the decade, solidifying its place in the history books. Reserve Bar does an amazing job with spirits brands that most people have never had before. You have to remember, spirits was one of the last categories to be accepted by consumers in terms of ecommerce. People had wondered, ‘Can I actually buy spirits online?

Pour Bacardi Ocho, a little bit of Benedictine, your favorite fruit juice, and a little bit of lime juice over a big block of ice in a large bowl, sprinkle with your favorite spices like cinnamon and nutmeg, then top it all off with lemon wheels. Seeing bartenders doing shots of Bacardi Cuatro on their own, naturally…because they love it. They love the flavor of it, they love the body of it, and they love the aftertaste of it. By no means am I saying that it’s taking over consumption of the whiskey shot that bartenders do, but to see them reacting to rum and behaving the same way as they do with whiskey, I was like WOW, that’s a big deal. Consumers are definitely beyond the basics as bartenders put so much love and emphasis into what they are creating behind the bar using rum.

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